Chris Stokoe


Chris primarily works in the expedition and adventure genre, the scope of productions Chris covers varies from narrative based to fundamentally feature documentary. This has led him across multifaceted projects spanning international audiences and clients, deserts, jungles, mountains ,rivers, caves and many more, directing/writing/producing projects focusing on a vast range of topics.  Comfortable in a selection of crew and production setups covering self shooting and working with a wider team in traditional production crew capacities, Chris is well adjusted to high paced environments as well as physically and mentally demanding environments whilst maintaining primary focus on the quality of production. Similarly well adjusted to working in emotionally and ethically demanding environments. As a result of the methods and styles of filmmaking he engages with, he has been able to continually evolve his competence in most areas of production, from the conception of ideas to completion and distribution.

Andi Reiss


Andi Reiss is an independent filmmaker with a broad knowledge of independent and commercial media production and experimental creativity, having started off as a runner. Often working in the style of Cinéma verity, as a director the world is full of interesting stories and he loves to be just one of the many to tell them, thriving on both the creative and technical aspects of production. As a writer and researcher he loves the unrelenting pursuit of something unique, has a strong mixed methodology and can draft cover letters that make you sound like a highly employable bad ass. As a producer he is versatile with a range of skills including finance development, proposal writing, production management, casting, location management, storyboarding, budgeting and scheduling, As a lighting camera op/videographer he has experience across documentary, corporate and commercial work, and as an editor he has experience of working independently but collaborates well with others. and as an educator he teaches producing, screenwriting, lighting cinematography and non-linear editing, currently at Bucks New University. Over the years he has travelled extensively, living and working in New Zealand, China, The Philippines, The Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa. 


Kris Sorbie is an internationally renowned hairdresser, educator and former Global Artistic Director of Redken, New York. Recognized as a world-renowned leader in cutting-edge hair color concepts – such as the ombré technique now worn by millions, her accolades include seven-time nominee and two-time winner of the prestigious (NAHA) Master Hairstylist of the Year (2004 and 2005), Canadian International Hairstylist of the Year and Most Inspirational Educator of the Year at HairColor USA. Kris has worked in the field of mental health education as part of the role within the hair industry for many years and is now focussing much of her attention to independent documentary projects, as an executive producer.


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